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buying a car

Buying a car or van is probably the cheapest way to travel around Australia. Budget for at least $1000, but do bear in mind the more you spend the more reliable it will be. Then hopefully at the end of your trip, when you come to sell it, you should get two-thirds of the purchase price back. Buy a car today for massive savings.

Be prepared to get a certificate of roadworthiness, so the vehicle can be transferred from the previous owners name to yours. Get a garage to check it over for you to make sure it is mechanically sound. You will then need to take the certificate, receipt, drivers licence and passport to the local department of transport. A fee will be calculated based on the value of the car and the registration will include a minimum third - party personal insurance.

Don't forget your TRAVELLERS CAR INSURANCE ...

Travellers Car Insurance provides car insurance specifically for backpackers around Australia and covers anyone from the age of 1, up to 5 drivers and offers different length options.

There are numerous ways to buy a vehicle in Australia, Listed below are a few hints and tips….

Travellers Autobarn
Travellers AutoBarn has over 15 years experience in helping travellers to find the right vehicle for their trip around Australia. All their vehicles come with warranties such as 3 day money back guarantee, 5000 KM engine & gearbox warranty and the famous buyback guarantee.

Sydney Travellers Car Market
The Car Market provides a secure, undercover and orderly environment for Travellers / Backpackers / Tourists to buy and sell their cars. The Car Market is a destination where buyers can inspect cars and talk directly with the owners of the cars without having to do it on the side of the road in Kings Cross.

Hostel and Internet Café notice boards.
This is one of the best places to look. A lot of backpackers sell their vehicles when they have finished their trips especially in Sydney, Perth and Darwin. Because of this you can pick a car up at bargain prices usually complete with camping gear.

Car Auctions
Probably the cheapest way to buy a car, but you could do with some car auction knowledge. You cannot inspect it before you buy nor drive it, but you could get a bargain.

Private sale
I would suggest you get the car inspected by a garage before you blow your budget! This should only set you back $30 - $50 and will make sure you don't buy a heap of rubbish! But again this way could find you a real bargain

The "Trading Post"
This is Sydney's weekly publication with thousands of cars for sale. Other cities have their equivalent version for you to look at too. Bear in mind it could be fairly time consuming travelling around visiting the cars then having mechanical inspections.

Remember to check the current market value before you buy a car, try this website

Some car dealers may offer a backpacker buy - back scheme, where they will buy it back off you at an agreed lower price. This takes away the hassle of trying to sell it before you head home!

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