Getting a car in Sydney

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Getting a car in Sydney

Postby Mann » Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:00 am

We got into Sydney and had a month or so to bye, a car drive 2500km to Cairns and then sell it again! We stayed in Kings Cross for five days till we got a car. There is a car yard under a car park in Kings cross where travellers go to sell there cars. Don’t bye from here the price on the widescreen is tempting but once you have bought the car you have to have it go through there garage to gain what you call a pink slip sort of your MOT. I looked at a car for $1300 I thought about getting it talking with the garage boys however what they where saying about putting the car through there garage put me off as they would only inspect after it was sold not before! So basically they could say any think was wrong with it at there garage and if you wanted to keep the car you would have to pay for them to do the work. needless to say I didn’t get this car however I met the people who did I asked then how much they had paid. They couldn’t nock the screen price down so paid $1300 and also to get the pink slip at the sellers garage garaged cost them a further $1500!!!! And then to get it register was around another $300 so they ended up payin nearly $3000! However they had the peace of mind of having a newly serviced car that you where coming to keep for 6 months.
I also went to a motor auction in Sydney, and asking around this was the only auction in Sydney. The cars where ex fleet cars, part exchange motors and some reposes motors. Nothing there really to suit the traveller’s budget.
You best bet is to traipse around the hostels where there are loads of cars being advertised and you can pick up a bargain some people pull into sydny and have 2 days to sell there car so are givin them away! Although this does not garnentee a good condition car travellers cars could be tenth generation travel cars, been all round Australia 100’s of america on the clock! Bold tyres duff brakes, GEARBOXES THAT DON’T GO ONTO FIRST.
I bought my car off a private dealer he wanted $1800 but I managed to get him down to $1200, five hundred quid this was better as he was a family man, the car had service history and a low mileage. Local papers and are where you find these. I bought this car for $1200 actually did a bout 3000km in it then sold it in Cairns two days before we went to NZ. And I made a further $200 by selling it for $1400.

When you talk money remember by stitching the seller up your doin your self a little favour and getting more Mojitos! Check the car over totally take it for a test drive and thrash it! also check out lonely planet or rough guyed for what sort of motor you want depending on where your goin in oz given its varying terrain!
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Postby craig » Fri Aug 31, 2007 12:39 pm

Some very good advice there, even if it was sort of hard to read.

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