Buying a car

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Buying a car

Postby Mike22 » Mon Feb 21, 2005 10:07 pm

I thinking of buying a car to travel all round Australia over about six months, will this work out alot cheaper than hiring a car?

Buying a car.

Postby cassy24 » Mon Feb 21, 2005 10:12 pm

This is a good option if you are looking to travel around Australia for along period of time as hiring can prove to be expensive. A good place to look for a bargin is hostel notice boards, backpackers who need to sell quickly often advertise here. Have you thought to trying a campervan? abit more expensive but loads more freedom.


Postby admin » Wed Mar 02, 2005 6:09 pm

Campervans are a great option and they do offer alot more freedom than a car, however there are a few downsides. They can prove alot more expensive, and you often end up paying to stay on camp sites to use the shower facilities and for the power supply. If you plan on travelling around in a campervan for long periods you can miss out on the great experience that hostels can offer, these are great places to meet new people, share experiences and find great new place to go.
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Postby Gabbo » Wed Jun 22, 2005 8:15 pm

I am also considering travelling around Oz. The two pals i am going with are keen on a campervan. I am happy to do this but i do not want to miss out on the experience of meeting people. Would it be economical to travel in a camper and live in inbetween cities etc and stay in hostels when we reach our destinations etc???

Postby admin » Fri Jun 24, 2005 3:06 pm

It is well worth getting a campervan, and it can save you money on accommodation as the three of you will be able to split the costs, fuel, site fee's etc. It will give you the freedom to stay in some really cool places, it's worth spending some time in hostels aswell though so that you don't miss out on the experience. You should go for it you'll have the greatest year of your life.
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Campervan etc

Postby Mick » Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:45 am

Don't agree with admin on parking camper vans.
I did a 2 week trip from Melbourne around south eastern alps and the then down via Tathra, Eden, Mallacootta, Lakes Entrance. We stayed parked next to the roads, by the beach etc.
Sure, the rule is that you hould camp with a campervan at a designated camping ground.
But who can tell when you are actually camping and when you just happen to stand there for other reasons? i.e. it is OK to park just about anwhere. Just don't start spreading rubbish around the place or hang your clothes out for drying or leave out camping style etc overnight, cause that is a dead give-away you are actually camping there.

Buying a car will probably workout cheaper than renting.
Campervans are a bit pricy though. Specially one with shower/kitchen.
Best buys are probably at the Kings Cross or Cairns car markets or travellers.
Local dealers etc aren't even allowed to sell cars there.
Beware though that selling a car may take longer than expected.

enjoy the ride.

Postby admin » Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:06 am

Someone that does not agree with admin! I am not sure if that is allowed in this forum! :) As you can propably appreciate living over in the uk and having only been over to Australia a couple of times my knowledge is safe to say is a bit patchy in places :D I would like to thank you for your posts and I look forward to learning from your knowledge of Australia. Any other experiences that you have that you think would be useful to our viewers would be gratefully appreciated - many thanks admin
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